Find the Differences – Spot it

Would you like to Improve your concentration and observation skills?
So Find the Differences: Spot the Hidden Objects is just the right game for you!
Enjoy amazing pictures and have fun while you try to find the differences between them!

The purpose of the game is simple: just look at the pictures, find the differences, then tap each one you locate and get the best score.
Every find the differences level will present you with two beautiful photos that look almost the same.
There are several small differences between them, however, It’s your job to spot them as quickly as you can.
It’s easy to play casually, but tough to master!
Find the differences – Spot it is the ultimate differences game for adults to play!​

ALL of this is absolutely 100% FREE!
● The world’s newest and most popular find the differences game ●

Find the Differences Features:
★ Spot the differences between 1000 amazing image
★ Zoom! Become a detective and find those very challenging hidden differences
★ Pretty medals! Find and collect them all
★ Unlimited hints!
★ No time limit
★ Play offline!
★ Real images and cool vectors
★ With increasing difficulty as you play along
★ Invite your friend and gain coins
★ Offline game while you travel
★ Compete with your friends and players from all over the world
★ Spin the Lucky wheel to gain more coins and cool prizes
★ Use our unique hint to reveal unspotable differences
★ Keep track of your stats and progress
★ High quality pics
★ And all of that absolutely free

Thanks to this game you’ll easily sharpen your memory and improve your brain activity!
Find the Differences is fun, captivating and totally free.
It’s a new find the differences game in the puzzle genre.

Updates with more pictures coming out every week.